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OKRs Tips 2/10 - They can be used in any industry or sector

We use OKRs to align teams and enable faster and empowered decision-making, and decisions are always made everywhere. So OKRs can be applied in a broad range of applications and should be used more! (politics, anyone? ;-) )

Consider this objective: Reduce air pollution and make [city] more livable by 2025

Key Result: 50% fewer cars driven through the downtown area Key Result: 100% increase in ridership of public transportation Key Result: 65% daily utilization of bike share bicycles

All of these indicate real citizen behaviour change, which is the ultimate goal. Sadly most cities start with solutions. Example: we'll build pedestrian-only blocks, or we will fine you if you drive a type of vehicle in a specific place. While these are admirable efforts, they are expensive and time-consuming and are often the starting points, not the experiments.

This example is a direct quote from Jeff Gothelf's article you can find below. It was perfect, so we took it "as it is."

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