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A unique platform to reinforce alignement, collaboration, and product culture

  • Product Culture

    Build a great product and agile culture.

    Build a great product and agile culture.
  • Team Maturity

    Understand how your teams work.

    Understand how your teams work.
  • Coaching Resources

    Boost your leadership abilities with coaching resources.

    Boost your leadership abilities with coaching resources.
  • Community of Practice

    Join a global product community of practice.

    Join a global product community of practice.
Product principles to sustain innovation

Carry your product squads towards success

Homeric helps you understand and support your product managers and teams in all key aspects of product leadership.

Automated assessments

Understand how your product teams operate

Gain Insights into Your Team's Strengths and Areas for Improvement. Our platform provides insights into vision, strategy, OKRs, discovery, and delivery, focusing on practices and collaboration rather than just processes and tasks.

Personalized continuous improvement

Take your teams to new heights

Personalized expert content tailored to your unique context enables you to upskill your product teams and make them reach their full potential.

Product Community of Practice

Connect. Collaborate. Educate.

Leverage Homeric to share knowledge and experience across your product teams and divisions. Remove obstacles, find new solutions and increase your organization’s overall product maturity.

Streamline continuous improvement with automation

Homeric can help you gain insight on your team's application of product principles. Our platform then personalizes expert content to help your product teams reach their full potential.


Connect your tools to generate insights and benchmarks.


Gain visibility into the overall maturity of your product teams.

Product team

Assess how well your teams are applying product principles.

Personalized and
 brilliant content

Continuously coach and inspire your teams with expert content.

Behavior-based approach

Processes streamline your work, but Homeric elevates it.

Never go it alone

Leverage our community features to connect with other product leaders.

What product leaders are saying about Homeric

Poka Inc.

Using Homeric is effortless, no additional time is required from our teams which is a great advantage over survey-based tools. Homeric accurately identified the topics we needed to improve and on the coaching side our performance metrics are increasing!

Olivier Mirandette

VP of Engineering

Ericsson logo testimonial

I love your value prop and positioning. I have lived the challenges you are addressing, in both Fortune 500 and start up scenarios at both mid and exec levels.

Anik Chawla

Former Senior Product Manager, Ericsson

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Product management is amongst the most strategic functions of a company. It’s directly related to customer happiness, market positioning & long term success. It’s time to unleash your team’s full potential!

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