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Visualize your product teams' maturity profile

  • Are your teams stable and skill balanced?

  • Are they focussing on valuable objectives?

  • Do they have efficient discovery and delivery practices?

We put the right set of metrics in place to help you keep track of all your teams.

Multiple teams

Allow your teams to understand where they need to improve

Tools used everyday by product teams leave a ton of digital footprints. This data says a lot about their collaboration patterns, and can be used to identify small changes that will drive significant outcomes.

  • Identify blockers & priorities for improvements.

  • Initiate new discussions with personalized insights.

  • Measure and share progress.

Team traits details

Reinforce your teams' continuous improvement circle

  • Microlearning is proven to be highly efficient: Small, personalized weekly tasks to guide your teams' improvement journey.

  • Watch your teams learn & adopt practices followed by world-class product teams.

We guide your teams throughout their progress. Minor, daily changes for compounding gains!

Micro Learning

Why choose Homeric?

Empowered product teams are happier, deliver more business value and help outperform the competition. Build a culture of outcomes and high performance.


Have you ever dreamt of having a fully dedicated product coach for each of your teams?


No need for your team to fill in another time consuming form. Our tools display relevant data, and coaching is integrated within their day-to-day.


Product Coaching that generates measurable results, accessible to all teams.

Data Powered

Ever wondered what differentiates the best innovative companies from the rest? Well, we can show you.

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Homeric, Product Management Done Right

Product management is amongst the most strategic functions of a company. It’s directly related to customer happiness, market positioning & long term success. It’s time to unleash your team’s full potential!

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