Playbooks. Reinvented.

Get unparalleled visibility on your practices adoption, reinforce engagement, and foster cross-team collaboration to influence and drive change at scale.

Build stunning
your teams will love to use.

Get rid of spreadsheet and slides. Deploy your playbook within a user-friendly and actionable interface to maximise readability, understandability and impact to your teams.

From multiple sources and files... a consistent and user-friendly playbook.

We bring your playbook to life so you can drive change at any scale.

In large organizations, tracking and nurturing practices adoption is overwhelming. Our technology makes it happen by automating the operationalization of your playbook.

Get visibility on practice adoption at scale

Gain clear visibility into how each of your teams embraces and leverages your playbook, and if they stick to it over time. Identify and address bottlenecks.

Compare your practices adoption across all your initiatives

Personalized notifications within your teams’ preferred channels

Provide personalized feedback to maximize adoption

Benefit from automated and personalized insights, follow-ups, reminders and reporting. Continuously support your teams and projects in the adoption of your playbook practices.

Foster cross-team collaboration & knowledge sharing

Build a community around your playbook. Automate the capture & sharing of knowledge. Enable continuous learning and make your teams inspired by their peers.

Access all community learnings and contributions in one single view

Making a difference in many use cases

Corporate Innovation Playbook

Leverage Homeric to host your innovation hubs, scale the deployment of your innovation framework, monitor the progress of your innovation initiatives and foster cross-team collaboration.

Product & Agile Transformation Playbooks

Boost enterprise agility with consistent practices, unparalleled visibility and personalized assistance across all your teams (Delivery, team collaboration, discovery, etc.). Leverage our solution to scale your product / agile practices across your organization.

Global Business Practices Playbook (Sales, Compliance, Ops, HR, etc.)

Streamlining work practices across multiple divisions, countries, or affiliates presents a significant challenge. This leads to operational inefficiency, increased costs, communication breakdowns and inconsistent customer experience. Fin out how Homeric can help!

Want to see your practices adopted at scale?