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The platform designed for coaches and leaders striving to transform organizations and revolutionize the way people work.

They're driving change with Homeric

You don't transform a company with Excel and Powerpoint—now it's time to gear up!


Create engaging interactive playbooks in hours, not weeks.

Homeric allow you to easily transform your expertise into a set of practices documented in a shared reference. Define requirements and surveys for each practice to automate adoption assessment.

From the 50-slide presentation no one reads...

...to an engaging interactive playbook.


Distribute and operationalize your playbooks at any scale.

Deploy new practices across multiple teams simultaneously and effortlessly. Homeric handles all notifications, data capture, and follow-ups, automating the basic and repetitive tasks of your work. This allows you to focus on what will make a difference for your transformation initiative.

From dysfunctional spreadsheets and endless meetings...

...to continuous “in-workflow” coaching and automated follow-ups.


Run your Community of Practice and enable cross-team collaboration.

Empower your teams to share insights, feedback, and experiences, and encourage cross-team collaboration to make your practices adopted faster than ever.

From knowledge silos and ineffective communications...

...to a continuous in-context dialogue with your community of practice.


Track adoption and measure the success of your transformation initiative.

The era of subjective opinions is over. Measure actual practice adoption, showcase progress, and truly make improvement and transformation initiatives successful.

From lack of visibility on practice adoption and progress...

...to real-time reports and benchmarks with data based on actual behaviours and events.

Put your transformation and improvement initiatives on the tracks of success

Practice harmonization at scale

Drive seamless transformation ensuring alignment with a shared source of truth for all teams and stakeholders.

Continuous adoption reinforcement

Equip your coaches with tools to automate follow-up and tracking, ensuring long-term success.

Teams engagement and collaboration

Provide personalized support to your teams. Enable feedback and knowledge sharing.

Unbiased progress tracking

Get objective data-based reports and benchmarks to assess the progress of your transformation initiative.

Use Cases

Explore the different situations where Homeric proves to be the right tool.

Corporate Innovation

Developing an innovative mindset can be challenging. Build your innovation hub, scale the deployment of your innovation framework, monitor the adoption of your innovation initiatives and foster cross-team collaboration. 

Agile Practices

Agility is a mentality that takes time to endorse. Provide consistent practices, tools to share experiences across teams and personalized assistance to facilitate the change at scale.

Global Business Practices

Harmonizing work practices across multiple divisions, countries, presents a significant challenge. This leads to operational inefficiency, increased costs, communication breakdowns and inconsistent customer experience.

Digital Transformation

Driving transformation means navigating your teams through an important change they might not be open to. Offering tools for them to express themselves and share feedback can ease that transformation.

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They're driving change with Homeric

Nesma Zeid

I'm really satisfied of our collaboration with Homeric. Their platform is helping us take important steps in deploying our innovation playbook across our affiliates worldwide and enhancing cross-team collaboration. The impact of their solution is undeniable.

Nesma Zeid, Pharmaceutical Industry, Commercial Business Leader EMEA

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