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Expert guidance to unlock the potential of your agile product teams

In addition to our automated monitoring and micro-coaching platform, Homeric coaching experts can help you accelerate and maximize the benefits of your improvement and transformation initiatives. Reach out to know more!

Our experience at your service

We've been product leaders for more than 15 years, and have contributed to establishing industry-changing products and influencing organizations through genuine improvements and transformations.

Understanding how the best tech product companies work and converting that into tangible action is complex. We're happy to assist you on your path to product excellence. We've now coached dozens of teams across multiple organizations of all sizes, within many industries.

With or without our AI platform, our mission is to help you become the best product company, so you can guarantee maximum results and high employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Crossfunctional teams

Product managers and leaders do not own product culture. Building a great product is a shared responsibility between product management, design, technology and all vital expertise relevant to your industry.

We coach the entire team to empower them to build great products. We support you with team structure and topologies, product goal definition and monitoring, cross-functional and experimental product discovery, and highly-efficient product delivery.

Building teams that rely on trust and autonomy is complex. Our goal is to take you one step further so that you can begin to spread high levels of empowerment throughout your organization.

Leadership & Product Transformation

Are you in the middle of a digital transformation? Are you wondering how your company needs to adapt to deliver innovative new products that leverage digital and software to create new value? We're here to help.

We can provide the right level of handholding, so you can understand the new roles and the principles behind the success of companies like Google, Amazon, or Apple. You will understand the crucial actions needed to put in place to reap real benefits from your transformation efforts when most organizations are treading water, even after investing millions.

We've been in your shoes many times. Whether you need to recruit new managers and leaders, bring about a new culture of empowerment that no longer relies on project management as the primary driver of progress, or measure the impact and progress of your transformation, we will be your partner every step of the way.

Individual coaching

Are you a new product manager? Product owner? Are you starting your career, or are you an experienced professional transitioning into a new role? It is normal to have many questions! Though, it is sometimes difficult to find answers within your organization. Worse, it is very likely you will receive conflicting answers depending on who you are dealing with. We help you filter information and develop your skills so that you can become a seasoned and effective product manager.

We assist with four major areas:

  • Team Collaboration & the Product Trio - How to deliver exceptional products with your designer and tech lead.

  • Product Vision & Strategy - Laying down the foundations for a great product and convincing the people around you to follow.

  • Product Discovery - Everything you need to know and do to identify and validate the right features to build before you build them!

  • Product Delivery - Building tech products is a unique craft, and some technical concepts must be understood and mastered.

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