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How does Homeric access and use our data?

Homeric accesses your work management system via its API using an API Access Token. We are conscious of the data we access via the API and aim to limit it to just the meta data and avoid anything that could be attributed to intellectual property.

Our company has its own way of using Jira. Will your model still work?

Short answer is yes, it should work. We've used our model on many different teams with a wide range of practices and maturity levels. Although all signals may not always be available, our model turns out to be pretty accurate. And bear in mind that the absence of signals can be an even stronger signal.

What's behind your coaching approach?

Here are a few sources and references for our opinions around different core topics:

Product culture in tech organizations: We rely on multiple publications that cover in details the way large and highly innovative tech companies function, such as Working Backwards (C. Bryar), No Rules Rules (R. Hastings), Trillion dollar coach (E. Schmidt), Team topologies (M. Skelton), Empowered (M. Cagan), etc.

Publications around specific competencies:

  • Product Management: Inspired (M. Cagan), User story mapping (J. Patton), Principles of product development flow (D. G Reinertsen), Continuous discovery habits (T. Torres), etc.
  • Product Design: Lean UX (J. Gothelf), Value proposition design (A. Osterwalder), etc.
  • Team objectives: Radical focus (C. Wodtke), Measure what matters (J. Doerr), Lean analytics (A. Croll), etc.

These books rely on a lot of research and publications in innovation and organizational performance in the IT world that are also part of our overall corpus.

How much time will our teams have to spend on the app to maximize the benefits?

We want teams to work smarter, not harder. Our personalized improvement journeys are integrated in teams day to day, and require minimum time and effort. We feed the team on a continuous basis with observations, small recommendations, questions, and other small nudges that will generate new ways of thinking, new discussions, and will end up making a significant difference over time.

Is Homeric monitoring the contribution of individual team members?

Homeric is all about understanding and reinforcing team dynamics. We don't score nor display metrics at the individual level.

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