Improve The Performance of Your Product Teams

Drive more outcomes for your company. Measure the results.

Efficient Team Collaboration is as The Heart of Successful Products

We turn statistics from collaboration tools into insights and action plans to make teams adopt world-class behaviors and practices

How do we do it?

1. Data Collection

We securely connect to the tools used by product teams in their day-to-day and passively collect meta data.

2. Team Insights

"You can't improve what you don't measure"

We use the data to objectively score the team behavior around core metrics that every successful product teams should care about

Important: We score TEAMS, not INDIVIDUALS!

3. Personalized Virtual Coaching

We are now able to build a personalized coaching journey, that will evolve over time. Small improvements, with compounded gains on a daily basis to help the team overcome their challenges.

Our virtual coach Ulysse will track progress and make sure teams remain engaged.

What's in it For You?

Wether you're part of a product team, from management or in a coaching role, you will find a lot of benefits in our solution

For Product Teams

  • Raise flags and start addressing what's preventing you to efficiently collaborate as a team.

  • Empowerment! Stronger ownership over the products you build.

  • Learn & develop practices followed by world-class product teams

  • Increase overall trust level with management & stakeholders

  • And so much more!

For Managers

  • Better understand your teams and their collaboration dynamics

  • Your teams are happier, more engaged and more customer centric

  • Teams deliver up tp 40% more business value

  • Decrease employee turnover by up to 59%

For Coaches & Scrum Masters

  • Leverage data to prioritize & reinforce your interventions

  • Cover more ground, more efficiently

  • Use insights to initiate new discussions

  • Our virtual coach has your back when you're not available

  • Measure the impact of your coaching initiatives

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Homeric, Product Management Done Right

Product management is amongst the most strategic functions of a company. It’s directly related to customer happiness, market positioning & long term success. It’s time to unleash your team’s full potential!

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