Product CoP: Expand your knowledge beyond your teams and organization

Empower your teams to learn and grow together. Join our exclusive Homeric community to access our full scope of support.

Product Community of Practice

Get support and feedback from peers

Encourage your teams to openly communicate not only their achievements and accomplishments but also their obstacles and setbacks to accelerate their personal and professional growth and swiftly overcome challenges.

Product Community of Practice

Product veterans and coaches to assist you

On the Homeric platform, you'll never be left hanging. Our customer success team is always available to ensure your product stays on track for growth and improvement.

Product Community of Practice

The Homeric global product CoP

By joining Homeric, not only will you have your own product community within the platform, but you'll also become a part of the larger Homeric global CoP. Connect and learn from other product leaders who are facing similar challenges and growth opportunities.

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