Squad management and team health

Finally, a central hub for managing roles, capacity, and skill sets. Maximize innovation and streamline results.

Staffing & team health

Centralized team tracking

Wish you had a centralized hub to stay updated on your teams' progress in real time?

We've got you covered.

Staffing & team health

Track your team members effortlessly

Keep tabs on who is working on which product team and where resources are being utilized. Enhance team loyalty and sustainability.

Staffing & team health

Drive sustainable innovation with the product trio

Elevate your product teams' performance by harnessing the power of the Product x Design x Tech principle and scaling it across your organization.

Team maturity assessment

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Product management is amongst the most strategic functions of a company. It’s directly related to customer happiness, market positioning & long term success. It’s time to unleash your team’s full potential!

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