Align your teams, achieve your goals

Enhance alignment and boost outcomes with an OKR tool built specifically for product leaders and their squads

Team Alignment

Simple and efficient OKR management

Our OKR management tool simplifies goal-setting and tracking for your team. With a user-friendly interface, you can create, assign, and track goals easily, promoting alignment and teamwork.

Add a product OKR Homeric
Team Alignment

Enhance squad commitment

Our tool creates a sense of shared purpose and accountability, boosting motivation and engagement. It promotes transparency and collaboration, fostering a strong sense of belonging and ownership.

OKR squad commitment
Team Alignment

Track Progress

See how your teams are progressing towards their goals, identify areas of improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

OKR update progress
Team Alignment

Personalized feedback to improve your use of OKRs

Our solution analyzes your objectives and key results to provide personalized feedback and recommendations. The feedback ensures your objectives are outcome-focused, measurable, and relevant, optimizing your team's performance.

OKR personalized feedback

Team maturity assessment

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