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Growing Fast, Need to Scale Fast

Scaling a product organisation is hard, especially in a fast growth context. Homeric was build to help you do it.

70%of startups fail due to poorly executed scaling
- Forbes

We Accelerate Team Maturity

You need to hire fast, onboard fast, spread culture, make sure new recruits focus on things that matter the most, etc.

Homeric measures the initial maturity of newly created product teams and builds a personalized improvement journey fully integrated in your teams' day-to-day.

You can focus on finding the right talent while we make sure they are customer centric and committed to delivering business outcomes.

We Accelerate Team Maturity
82%of software developers have experienced burnout in the last year
- Codeahoy

We Help You Find the Right Skills Balance For Your Teams

Hiring too fast vs. too slow? With fast growth, there's a big risk to fall into chaos. The pressure on your existing teams will be even harder and you can't afford to drive away key talents.

Finding the right team topology is harder than is seems.

Homeric helps you identify your next hiring priorities to find an optimal skills balance and create a high-performance dynamic.

"It’s always worth asking, do we own the process or does the process own us?”
- Steve Jobs

Avoid Falling Into The "More Processes" Trap

Unfortunately, when companies start scaling, they tend to increase the number of processes.

Smart people need to have room to think.

Homeric's coaching approach isn't about telling them how to do things. It's about identifying the right and wrong collaboration patterns, things that really prevent teams from being effective, and being present with team members day after day to help them improve, slowly but surely.

Scaling with Process Trap

People Over Process

More efficient onboarding

Faster team empowerment

Less Pressure on Existing Teams

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Homeric, Product Management Done Right

Product management is amongst the most strategic functions of a company. It’s directly related to customer happiness, market positioning & long term success. It’s time to unleash your team’s full potential!

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