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Transforming From Project to Product

Product-centric companies grow faster and their employees are happier. Are you ready to transform?

On-time, on budget doesn't mean business success

Projects can be delivered on-time, on-budget, yet fail due to poor business impact or user adoption.

Homeric helps companies transform from a project mindset to product centricity.

We help you find the right team topology

You surely know that you need to build stable product teams, but it's easier said than done.

Performing teams can come in many different shapes but they are definitely some patterns you want to avoid!

Are your teams humanly sized and skill balanced? Are your teams stable? It takes time to create a high-performance dynamic.

We continuously measure your teams' health and flag any potential for improvement.

Team topology

We help teams become outcome centric

80% of features don't generate any business impact as they are not adopted by users. Did you know this number has been stable since 2002? This the heart of the product culture: Assigning teams on outcomes instead of just output.

Homeric measures your level of outcome-centricity and will assist you to improve and exceed expectations. Brace for impact!

Outcome Centric

We help teams build continuous discovery practices

Stop assuming what your customers need or want. Start validating!

Homeric helps you set product discovery practices so you can maximize the contribution of every member of your product team and make sure you build a culture of collaboration instead of hand-offs.

Empower your teams to solve hard problems and delight customers!

We monitor delivery practices to improve predictability & quality

Even the best ideas are worth nothing if they are not shipped properly. Best teams deploy continuously, never compromise quality and are highly predictable.

A product is a never ending project so you can't improve "for the next project" any more.

Homeric tells you how the best teams actually work so you can ensure the viability of your product.

Continuous Delivery

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Homeric, Product Management Done Right

Product management is amongst the most strategic functions of a company. It’s directly related to customer happiness, market positioning & long term success. It’s time to unleash your team’s full potential!

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